How Much Money Do I Need To Start a Cleaning Business?

free_250913  Starting up a cleaning business need not cost a lot of money especially if the service that you are offering is mainly your time and experience. Little expense is needed for equipment or products. A little capital to put into the company would help. £500 for example spent wisely would be an optimum start.

There are so many approaches to starting up a business. Here we focus on two.

1.  I have some start-up capital. A little start up capital of about £500 is needed to register your business, create a website and apply for a licence if required. Marketing is very important for a new business.

Start up system – £200 – £300
First marketing campaign – £100 – £300

How do I find a reputable start-up system? Having someone to advise you is priceless as so is word of mouth. There are about half a dozen different mentors online offering great services including us!! That said, take advice to avoid costly errors and mistakes that could set you back.

It is very important that you register your business not only for legal reasons but it has benefits.

2. I have very little money to start. Starting up with very little money means putting in the hard work and hours for little gain. You need to persevere before seeing the results of your hard work.

Distributing flyers is a sure way of promoting your company, gaining clients and is cheap. We have techniques available for putting off the cost until some money starts coming in.

Flyers can cost around £100 unless you are savvy with a computer and can design and print your own. Keep distributing the flyers until you reach your target number of clients. Distributing flyers targets your working area, and this method of advertising is unparalleled. Cheap and easy. People do remember names on mail shots even if they do not require the service at that time. People of all ages now use the internet. Once you have created a web page with key words and made sure that you are easy to find, your name will be recognised and your business will grow.

You need to get online as soon as you can. Shop around for someone to build your website, costs can vary immensely. People trust professional looking websites over DIY ones.

We are fully experienced in building web sites for our customers, please see our web design service on this website. There is a special skill involved in capturing someone’s attention to a website. Spelling, grammar and typing errors are a definite big mistake.

A lot of people find cleaning very therapeutic and take satisfaction from the results of their hard labour. If this is you, then why not consider turning your skills into a business. Start up costs can be negligible at first and why not get paid for a job that you actually enjoy!

All the tools & tactics that you need are available with our business blueprint.

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