Are You An Entrepreneur? Have You Got What It Takes?

Here are some basic questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Are you basically self-motivated in at least a few constructive pursuits, like music, a job, or a hobby of some kind?
  2. Do you like having money?
  3. Do you have a realistic perception of money?
  4. Do you sort of know and take an interest in what is going on around you?
  5. If you hit a brick wall do you give up or do you persevere?
  6. Do you look after yourself or do you need to be nagged?
  7. Do you mix OK with people?
  8. Do you try new things and learn from them?
  9. Can you take criticism?
  10. Are you a sincere and honest person?
  11. Do you enjoy dealing with the public?
  12. Are you an organized individual?

If you answered ‘yes’ or ‘sort of’ to at least six of these questions, then congratulations!

The truth is, it’s not that hard to set up a good business.