How a Cleaning Agency Can Make You $7,000 a Month?

dollar-up We all know that it takes money to make money. If you have money to risk, you can start any kind of business; however, for the rest of us, there is a great alternative and one you should consider. Start your own house cleaning agency. All you need is the right know how to begin.

Before I started my own agency I had two choices. Either buy a franchise or research the opportunity thoroughly and go it alone. I spoke to several domestic cleaning agency franchise operations but soon I ruled them out because:

  • There was a high initial franchise fee (at least $10,000)
  • There were high ongoing monthly management fees
  • Overall I felt restricted in terms of how I wanted to develop and run the business
  • I would have been limited to a specific postcode territory (often not even near where I lived)

I am now delighted to bring you all my knowledge I have acquired over the years at a fraction of a franchise cost and with no limitation on where you may operate.

Some things are the same about most any business. They might need a business licence, advertising budget, inventory and customers. Most business owners have to have a place where the business will be located. This takes a lot of money. It normally cost thousands of dollars to open a business and after putting up all that money, there’s no guarantee of making a dime. That’s a big financial risk but there is a way to get started totally risk free.

In your own cleaning business, you don’t need to pay rent for office space because, you can use your kitchen table to get started. With a rent free office in your own home, you can avoid paying rent someplace else. Your customers will have no reason to come to your home. Clearing a space on your kitchen table or a spare bedroom will cost nothing and can be a tax write off.

In your house cleaning business, you can line up your first customer before you need to spend money on anything. You don’t need any materials or any special equipment. It’s the routine cleaning that needs done on a regular basis. How big you grow your cleaning business is up to you. Every customer is a repeat customer and will be paying every month for your service. Just by starting with one new account, your income will increase.

So, for example (it depends how much you make per hour) if you had 16 customers your monthly profit could be about $1,100 and if you had 112 customers your monthly profit could be about $7,700.

Most businesses spend thousands of dollars before they even open their doors to the public. However, this cleaning business can be started on a shoestring budget and you can start making a profit very quickly.

Need more confidence? Not sure what to do? Many people start their own business with nothing but the valuable information contained in the Cleaning Business Gold.

And you are not on your own. I provide a comprehensive after sales support service with emails and Skype at no extra cost