Is Buying a Cleaning Franchise the Best Option?

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If you’re interested in a great investment opportunity, you may be wondering whether or not buying a cleaning franchise will fit the bill. In order to help you discover the pros and cons of this type of service, we’ve created a helpful quick guide.

Pros and Cons to Consider

The Internet is a great place to find information about buying a cleaning service. In the past, you would have had to attend a course at a vocational school or do research on your own – which would have meant endless phone calls – in order to gather details about this form of business opportunity.

Today, you need only click your computer mouse or use your smart phone in order to get the inside scoop on this form of franchise opportunity.

One thing that you should be aware of is that actually buying a franchise outright isn’t always the smartest way to go. In order to get more from a new investment, it’s actually wiser to hire a consultant firm, whose team members will supply you with the information and expertise that you will need in order to start your own business.

In other words, by paying our consultant firm a very minimal amount of money, you’ll save yourself a great deal of money in the end, as you won’t need to buy a franchise, which is typically very expensive.

When you utilize our services in order to get started, you’ll pay only one payment of $497, rather than needing to shell out on average $10k for a franchise and after that the ongoing monthly fees! When you choose us today, you’ll learn everything that you need to know about how to start a cleaning business and how to make it a success!

In terms of marketing and brand power, you will be able to get amazing results when you get our consulting input. Our help includes a marketing plan which will help you to carve out a niche in your locality or anywhere you like.

What We Offer Our Clients

When you choose Cleaning Business Gold, one simple and affordable payment will get you started. You’ll receive a step-by-step, “how to” course, as well as email and Skype support with our team. The course will teach you how to start and run your own cleaning business and how to market it offline and online in order to build brand awareness…fast!

In addition, we are pleased to offer the exact same tools and education that a cleaning franchise would offer for a fraction of the cost and you could get started immediately. The difference between $10k and $497 to start your own cleaning business is pretty huge when you think about it.

However, our basic fee and course, along with email and Skype support, will give you the perfect toolkit for getting started and making your business a rousing success!

You don’t need to buy a Merry Maids or Jani-King franchise in order to succeed in this niche of the business world. You can do it all by yourself and save yourself a ton of money! It’s all about having the drive and determination to learn. Since we provide every learning tool that you will need, for reasonable rates, there’s no downside to choosing us (rather than spending 10 grand or more on a franchise).

Did you know that you’ll need to spend a lot of money in order to buy the most well-known cleaning franchise. You may think it’ll be worth it, because you’ll access lots of lucrative sales leads. However, it’s been proven that many leads which are provided to franchise owners are really total dead ends.

A lot of people have been burned and disappointed by their experiences as franchise owners. The feel scammed. You can avoid the heartache, stress and debt by hiring our company today.

In my opinion, the only convincing reason why people will still go hugely into debt to a cleaning franchise company is fear, and they perceive the risk to be removed by being part of a franchise. I can think of no bigger risk than being hugely in debt before you even start!

Choose Cleaning Business Gold

There is a way to bypass a costly franchise investment and still make your entrepreneurial dreams come true…

It all starts with reaching out to our Cleaning Business Gold team today. So, what are you waiting for?