Personal Coaching From Me


If you have no experience of starting a domestic cleaning business you are probably feeling out of your depth, and wondering how to get the venture off the ground.

I have produced a step by step comprehensive blueprint of how to start a domestic agency. I have been there and done it, so you can learn from my mistakes and quickly start your new and exciting venture. The blueprint is called Cleaning Business Gold because I truly believe it offers the opportunity to earn you a substantial income. 

Because I am an expert in this business and know everything there is to know about it, I would like you to succeed as well. That’s why I’m going to personally coach you to further ensure you break free from the rat race and finally build your own profitable business from home.

Not only will you be able to e-mail me with any question you want and get a personal response within 24 hours, but we’ll also have 2 Skype calls where I build your business with you.

 If you’ve ever wanted someone to take you by the hand and lead you to the money, this is it.

 Now, I’m only one person, and my time is limited and valuable, so you know that I can’t possibly personally help everyone… so if this bonus is still available, you must jump at the opportunity right now.

 I wish you every success with your Cleaning Business Gold.

 Anna Ajina