What Kind Of Business Should I Run From Home?

There are many businesses you can run from home. But given all the available information you should only consider a business which has all of the following characteristics:

1. Unlimited income potential

You can grow this business as big as you want – for example, from £90,000 in a first year to £400,000 within a couple of years to millions later. It is not too demanding and complicated.

2. It can bring you money within a short time, for example within two weeks

You need a business which allows you to get some customers right away, get some cash flowing and grow from there. A service is generally a lot less expensive to launch than a product, especially if it is something you already know how to do or can learn quickly. Gardening, cleaning and selling comes to mind as well as cutting hair, walking dogs, chatting with old people, growing vegetables or painting houses.

3. You can start on a shoestring budget, no massive overheads

There are many businesses run from home you can start for well under £200, for example a domestic cleaning agency.

4. No experience required

You can learn from other people’s mistakes by reading books and manuals available out there.

5. You can be your own boss

It’s absolutely my favourite reason for starting my own business. Nothing quite compares to the pride and excitement of calling the shots and being in charge of your own destiny.

6. You can set your own hours

It is great to take days off when you want and as often as you can get away with. You can work part time or full time or start part time and when you make enough money to quit your job. You find that you work smarter instead of harder because you are able to tap into your natural sense of responsibility.

7. You can choose who you work with

If you discover you don’t exactly click with a client, you can replace them quickly.  You can run your business by yourself or with a partner or delegate some duties to a helper.